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Castle Blunden


JOHN BLUNDEN (c1718-83), only surviving son of John Blunden, of Castle Blunden, Barrister, MP for County Kilkenny, 1727-52, married Martha, daughter of Agmondesham Cuffe, and sister of John, 1st Baron Desart, and had issue (with several daughters),
JOHN, his heir;
William Pitt, father of the 3rd Baronet;
Overington. (General in the army; MP).
Mr Blunden was created a baronet in 1766, denominated of Castle Blunden, County Kilkenny.

Sir John was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR JOHN BLUNDEN, 2nd Baronet (1767-1818), High Sheriff of County Kilkenny, 1805 and 1813, Mayor of Kilkenny, 1802, who married twice, though both marriages were without issue, when the title passed to his nephew,

SIR JOHN BLUNDEN, 3rd Baronet (1814-90), DL, Barrister, High Sheriff of Kilkenny City, 1843-4, County Kilkenny, 1847, who wedded, in 1839, Elizabeth, daughter of Major John Knox, of Dublin, and had issue,
WILLIAM, his successor;
John Overington;
Edward Herbert;
Maurice Robert;
Arthur Henry;
Kate; Harriette; Nicola Sophia.
Sir John was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR WILLIAM BLUNDEN, 4th Baronet (1840-1923), Surgeon, High Sheriff of County Kilkenny, 1904, who espoused, in 1879, Florence Caroline, daughter of Henry Shuttleworth, and had issue,
JOHN, his successor;
Eric Overington;
Sir William was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR JOHN BLUNDEN, 5th Baronet (1880-1923), who wedded, in 1918, Phyllis Dorothy, daughter of Philip Crampton Creagh, and had issue,
WILLIAM, his successor;
Sir John was succeeded by his elder son,

SIR WILLIAM BLUNDEN, 6th Baronet (1919-85), Lieutenant-Commander RN, who married, in 1945, Pamela Mary, daughter of John Purser, and had issue,
Sarah Vanessa; Griselda Jane; Caroline Susan; Rowena Mary;
Elizabeth Anne Gabrielle; Fiona Christine.
Sir William died without male issue, when the title passed to his brother,

SIR PHILIP OVERINGTON BLUNDEN, as 7th Baronet (1922-2007), who wedded, in 1945, Jeanette Francesca Alexandra, daughter of Captain D Macdonald RNR, of Portree, Isle of Skye, and had issue,
HUBERT CHISHOLM, his successor;
John Maurice Patrick;
Marguerite Eugenie.
Sir Philip was succeeded by his eldest son,

SIR HUBERT CHISHOLM BLUNDEN, 8th and present Baronet (1948-), of The Cottage, Carrigloe, Cobh, County Cork, 1st Battalion, Irish Guards, who married, in 1975, Ellish O'Brien, and has issue,
EDMUND, b 1982;
Amelia, b 1977.

CASTLE BLUNDEN, County Kilkenny, is a mid-18th century house built either for John Blunden MP, or for his son, Sir John Blunden, 1st Baronet.

It comprises three storeys over a vaulted basement, with a six-bay front enclosing a central niche containing a statue below an armorial panel.

The interior decoration is late 18th century in style, likely decorated by the 2nd Baronet, whose wife afforded him "a clear £8,000 a year."

The hall boasts a frieze of rams' heads; and the plasterwork in the drawing-room has an "Adamesque" ceiling.

Castle Blunden stands in a most idyllic setting, with water on both sides of it, probably formed originally from a moat (from an earlier castle).

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EJJackson said...

This is interesting to me because of a family legend of Irish Ancestry on my mother's side of the family. My mother was Selina Anne Mary Newman, whose father was Alfred Newman, whose father was Alfred Newman who married Alice Blundell. DNA testing proves a link, but since the Newmans and Blundells lived in/around Banstead in Surrey, I have yet to confirm the exact link back to Ireland, except for the name.