Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Apologies, Translink!

I brought out the trusty bicycle this morning and rode down to Holywood Arches, Belfast, for an appointment with the excellent charity, Carers NI, this morning. They are so helpful. Thence I made a quick detour to the Wyse Byse shop for a couple of Lindt Easter bunnies!

I wrote a somewhat irate blog last Friday about the Belfast bus service and realized, later that evening, that my watch had been adjusted wrongly by about five minutes (I'd just returned from the Netherlands which is one hour different in time). I'm sure it's a rare occurrence for Translink to obtain an apology from a passenger; however, here goes: Sorry, Translink.

Here's their response to my complaint:-

"Hello Timothy

Thanks for your e-mail.

Thank you for contacting Translink regarding this matter. I sincerely
hope that future Metro experiences will prove to be of a much more
satisfactory and positive nature. I have checked our records for the
date and journey in question and can now report as follows. On 14th
March the 19.15 service to 3A departed from Donegall Square West at
exactly 19.15. I would advise that the data stored and extracted from
our Wayfarer ticketing system is taken from G.P.S., (global satellite
positioning) which ensures that timings on our ticket machines are
accurate, as they are taken from Greenwich Mean Time and cannot be
altered by any members of staff. I have attached a copy of the relevant
data which confirms this information.

Thank you for contacting Translink regarding this matter.



Susan Thompson
Metro Customer Service Co-ordinator"

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