Friday, 28 March 2008

NI Driver & Vehicle Agency Competence

When I received a brown envelope this afternoon I was sure that it was my new car tax disc. They sent me a form around the 18th March with the fee clearly stated. I had fulfilled everything they requested of me and had sent it off immediately.

The contents inside the envelope contained everything I'd sent them and a letter telling me that the payment I'd sent them was incorrect and was now five pounds more, due to the 2008 Budget.

Despite my original prompt payment and owing to them entirely, I had to write them a new cheque for five pounds more; and I shan't receive my new disc till April so I'll technically be driving without car tax until they send me the new disc.

I dare say they'd remind me that I could have taken the payment personally to a post office or road tax office. The whole point of sending them a prompt payment was to avoid the need for this.

They must have known of this probability from previous budgets; and yet their letter explicitly stated the payment amount. Has anyone else experienced this disservice from the Agency, I wonder? All for the sake of five pounds; I wish they'd begin to spend it on Ulster's roads.

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