Saturday, 15 March 2008

Translink Metro: The Bus Service In Belfast

I've just read a critical letter, published in today's Belfast Telegraph, regarding the standard of service on Belfast buses. This interests me. I don't use the "Metro" service hugely; however, I had to use it last night because the trains weren't running.

I walked towards the "3a" bus-stop at Donegall Square just before ten past seven, and saw the rear end of a 3a bus leaving. I checked the time-table, which stated that there would be a 3a at 7pm and 7.15pm. Was this bus the 7.15? Did the driver simply drive on ahead of schedule because there were no customers waiting?

I waited till 7.35 when a number 28 arrived and quite a number of passengers were, by that time, waiting.

Does this poor service happen often, I wonder? That is, a driver simply doesn't wait till the precise time of departure on the schedule if nobody's there at the time? If that's the case, what sort of service is this? A service like this may well depart a few minutes late but certainly not several minutes early because the driver cannot be bothered to wait.


Anonymous said...

I live in divis drive beside the falls road bus depot the buses use the street coming in and out of the depot. the speed of the buses up and down the street is unbelievable, the best discription of some of these drivers is "JOYRIDERS IN BUSES" these guys hit the ramps so hard they are causing structural damage to nearby homes I have complained but was ignored. Of course nothing will be done till a child is run over. Would these people be happy enough to use the street where they live as a race track for buses? Divis drive is a residential street and the residents deserve better treatment from translink. Some residents are considering a protest blocking the street to forse these "joyriders " to see sense.

Timothy Belmont said...

To be truthful I haven't used a Citybus for ages; I have used the train because I live near a station.

I recall being very cross about what occurred at the time.