Monday, 10 March 2008

Gillette Fusion Razor Review

Since I started using my new Gillette Fusion razor on 25th January it has simply gone on and on till now, a remarkable forty-five days later. That's just one single cartridge. I sustained a very negligible cut on the chin yesterday, so decided to stop using it.

I can now say that the Fusion endures easily twice as long as the standard Mach Three. I don't think I have ever used the Mach 3 for much more than three weeks, at most. It varies from blade to blade.

I have always been sceptical, not to say cynical, about Gillette's sales hype fronted by Messrs Beckham, Woods and Federer; nevertheless it is fair to say that the Fusion is the best blade by Gillette, so far.

Apart from its longevity, it remains a smoother shave for longer; exceptionally smooth. It feels more bulky and substantial initially, however one gets used to it quickly.

It does not shave any closer, to my mind. It does shave as close, for longer.

To conclude, if you can buy these Fusion blades at the right price ( buy them on Ebay - just ensure they're genuine first) they'd potentially be better value because they last longer than the Mach 3 blades.

I still like the Mach 3 and its compactness; however, if I can obtain genuine Fusion blades in bulk at the right price, I think I'll do it. Very shortly.

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