Monday, 31 March 2008

Aerial View, Part Two

As I mentioned on an earlier blog, my old aerial was broken and hanging off the chimney. A fellow blogger, Alan in Belfast, intimated that he'd soon be needing a new aerial too. Although the signal in the Greater Belfast area is strong, the Divis transmitter literally overlooking the city; and despite the old one hanging off, we still had a fair reception. Not excellent, but OK.

Our local aerial expert Adrian, who owns Ultrabeam Aerials, arrived at half-past twelve and had the new, digital one up in a jiffy as the expression goes. He has a special meter which shows him the strongest signal and he could see the transmitter from our roof too.

Adrian took the old aerial away, and it must have been forty years old ; the pole it was attached to was rusted through and had snapped off. He fitted an aluminium pole along with the new aerial.

The whole job took about forty-five minutes and cost sixty-five pounds, which I deemed a fair price.

For anyone living locally, I was very pleased with the job Adrian Patterson did. He was a decent, honest chap and straightforward. We had a chat about digital television (and my car!) as well. I noticed on his business card that there's a two year guarantee.

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