Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Garden Weeding

I took a notion, this morning, to begin a front garden weeding blitz. This inclination does not happen often, so I brandished the wheel-barrow, spade and gloves forthwith. It's satisfying enough when you get down to it; I managed to dig out a barrowful of weeds. The brown bin still has plenty of room left, mind you.

Later, we drove to Holywood Exchange where I purchased a low-energy light bulb at B&Q; I had a quick browse around too and a fine cylinder mower caught my eye: an ATCO Windsor 12S. It was tempting, another toy for me to play with; however, at £320 it was no bargain. I've noticed them being sold online for £260 (and when the terms are checked, many suppliers don't deliver to NI or charge extra).

I still have B&Q gift vouchers for fifty pounds; probably best to put the ATCO out of my mind.

It seems to be taking an eternity for them to open the Holywood Exchange shopping centre adjacent to IKEA; I wonder if they're having difficulty letting out the shop units...


Alan in Belfast (Alan Meban) said...

Outgoing Lord Mayor Jim Rodgers did let slip last week that there would shortly be an announcement about two tennants for the units.

Both large retail names, one of which coming to NI for the first time.

Timothy Belmont said...

Sounds interesting; any thoughts yet on who the retailers might be?