Sunday, 22 June 2008

The Holy Grail Of Toasters?

I'm a True Believer in Which?, the consumer magazine. I invariably refer to it before I make a larger purchase. The subject of my task on this occasion is the toaster. I had to send the Kenwood TT560 back - see my earlier posting - so I'm on the prowl again.

I was in Holywood, County Down, yesterday afternoon and popped in to the fine library there. I wished to see the January 2008 copy of the Which? magazine. Sure enough, it had a review of the latest toasters; so I spent ten minutes inwardly digesting their results. Most interesting. The toaster with the highest score of them all was the Krups FEM2 Toastexpert, which was given eighty-two per cent. It costs forty pounds.

Runner-up was a Magimix (81%); then a Russell Hobbs, and so on. The iconic Dualit had an entry further down the list.

On the strenth of these results I've gone ahead and ordered a Krups online from the John Lewis store group.

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