Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Patak's Korma Sauce

We used to make our own, home-made curry sauce; it's so much easier to buy a good sauce these days that I don't bother. Patak's canned sauces are a case in point. I've tried lots of commercial curry sauces ranging from the finest to standard and I think Patak's are reasonably authentic. Tesco charged me 79p for a tin today.

We're fond of curry, and I think that the Patak's korma cooking sauce is very good; the tins are fairly good value too. I add sultanas, garlic, honey and banana slices to my curry as it simmers. I don't dilute it at all (they suggest that milk or water is added); I simply add cream at the end.

The very thought of it is making me peckish!

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