Saturday, 21 June 2008

Tackling Himalayan Balsam At Minnowburn

It was dry when I left home this morning; however, it started to rain just as I arrived at the Warden's Office, Minnowburn, and the rain continued relentlessly all morning. There were eight of us today, including one new face.

We jumped in to Craig's pick-up truck and drove to the main car-park at the river. From there we walked to the meadow, near Shaw's Bridge. There certainly wasn't as much Balsam this year; we're getting on top of the stuff. It's an invasive weed. Its stem is hollow, like celery. Some of the larger ones were about five feet high; very easy to uproot though.

We worked till about midday, when we headed back to the Office for lunch and a natter. I was quite glad to get home to a warm house because my trousers were saturated.

I'm really looking forward to the Salt Island trip next Saturday.

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