Monday, 9 June 2008

Significant Cartographical Error

I bought a new map of Strangford Lough yesterday. It's Sheet Twenty-one of the Discoverer Series by the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland. We already have an old, one-inch map emblazoned with the Arms of the former Parliament of Northern Ireland which cost the princely sum of thirty pence! The new map set me back six pounds: that's inflation for you.

I quickly spotted a significant cartographical mistake in the new map. Sketrick Island, near Whiterock, has been erroneously named Hen Island. What a bloomer! It doesn't matter so much to me, because I know Sketrick Island well - Daft Eddy's is there after all.

Sketrick Island's name has been utterly obliterated by OSNI. This must cause confusion for tourists and strangers at least. I certainly find it all rather bemusing. Hen Island is the minuscule islet just south-west of Sketrick.

I wonder if I could claim a refund. Only joking.

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