Friday, 27 June 2008

Royal Underfunding

Our Royal Family costs the taxpayer a mere sixty-six pence each. That's amazing; I thought it would have been more than that. I propose that we increase the funding to a fiver each. Then our Royal Family could have a new, Royal Yacht in keeping with their status; two more modern, regally-fitted aircraft for an upgraded Royal Flight; and the maintenance of the Royal Train.

Sixty-six pence per taxpayer is derisory. I'd gladly pay ten times that amount.


dr. adder said...

In that case I'd gladly let you pay my share - please send me a cheque forthwith (c:

Anonymous said...

You Brits are amazing. I can't imagine anyone wanting to donate hard earned money so the so called "Royal Family" can continue to live a life of extreme luxury at the expense of working people. The Queen and her family are immensely wealthy. They should pay their own way.

Timothy Belmont said...

The Queen is a constitutional monarch and our Head of State. Consequently, the State pays. Most people in the United Kingdom wish the Monarchy to remain; there is, of course, a vociferous and loud republican minority.

dr. adder said...

... and there are others who couldn't give a toss!

Anonymous said...

i.e. they sponge £40M from us hardpressed tax payers every year.

Timothy I can not understand your admiration for such upper class spoilt twits.

We need a British Republic !

At same time lets scrap all other heredity titles - it is so medieval.

Timothy Belmont said...

A constitutional monarchy is, to my mind, more preferable than a presidential-style republic. Many Americans, for instance, admire our Royal Family and out pomp & circumstance ceremonials because they have no equivalent! We are proud of our traditions, and the hereditary peerage is an integral and inalienable part thereof.