Tuesday, 23 June 2009

BBC Concerts

I've been to lots of free BBC Invitation concerts this year; in fact I have literally just applied for another five concerts in the Ulster Hall, Belfast, this August. So far this year I've attended about six free concerts, the most recent ones having an attendance of about two-thirds' capacity, in my estimation.

I'm most grateful to the BBC, the Ulster Orchestra and everyone involved. Obviously these are all recordings for BBC Radio; nevertheless, I still appreciate it all. I wish to especially mention the Ticket Unit at BBC Northern Ireland; I'm sure that there is much effort entailed in organizing these concerts.

It almost makes paying the licence fee worthwhile!

So this is my tip-of-the-day: Book online immediately for a great summer season of complimentary tickets, available to everybody courtesy of the BBC.


A Musician said...

I'd be curious to know if you pay to listen to any concerts throughout the rest of the season as all of your posts regarding the Ulster Orchestra seem to be to free-ticket events.

Timothy Belmont said...

I generally only attend the free BBC concerts.

I have been to opera this year at the Royal Opera House, the Grand Opera House in Belfast and Castle Ward Opera.

A Musician said...

Well I shall look out for you next time in playing in one then - please wear full evening dress so you are easily identifiable ;)

Although from what I've read of your blog you've seen me on stage far more times than I've seen you in the audience.

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! I really ought to attend more of the subscription series.

I've said it before and, despite my odd grumble, I think the Ulster Orchestra is truly excellent.

The solo parts last Friday by the lead cellist, oboist and others were outstanding.

I'd happily wear full evening dress, though not on my own! Were there, say, a New Year Viennese concert where the audience were invited to dress formally, I'd gladly do so!


Timothy Belmont said...

I often sit in the gallery, overlooking the double bassists, wearing a lounge suit.