Friday, 12 June 2009

The Store From Hell?

I am in a foul mood. I have just experienced the Tesco store at Knocknagoney that calls itself a supermarket. I blame myself, of course; I ought to have known better. What puzzles me is Why, on earth, would any consumer in their right mind choose that place to buy their groceries in? There is an abundance of alternatives in the vicinity, viz. Sainsbury's, Tesco Connswater, Tesco Holywood, Marks and Spencer at Ballyhackamore and many smaller convenience stores.

Among other items I sought a pack of sandwiches for the Dowager tomorrow, when I'm at a barbecue. At about three o'clock Tesco Knocknagoney had merely one pack of sandwiches on their shelf. How pathetic is that for any supermarket, let alone a half-finished one?

I must have made a nuisance of myself by asking four of five assistants where various items were; and the whole experience lasted about forty minutes for a basket of groceries. They'd have been better closing the place down till the newly extended store re-opens in September.

At least I now know that they have a hopeless selection of sandwiches. I require tip-top sandwiches for Wednesday evening at Castle Ward. I shall either nip into Marks and Spencer in Belfast for a proper choice; or, perish the thought, make my own!


belfast cabby said...

Know exactly what you mean i live only 5 mins away and the wee woman with the big stick wont shop there. Thinks what they are doing has made the store awful.

Timothy Belmont said...

Too right! Mind you, it ought to be good when it's finished.

Thanks for the message about Virginia, by the way; much appreciated. Funeral is on Monday.


Grannymar said...

What is so difficult about making a few sandwiches?

If you are stuck for inspiration look here:

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Grannymar,

It could possibly be a touch of lazinness on my part! I'd need to obtain a fresh loaf of bread; and, if cheese-and-onion, grate cheese in a bowl with finely chopped onion and mayo to bind. Then I'd need to clean the bowl, knife, spoon etc. Then I'd need to get cling film and tin foil. I can do it if I feel like it! :-)

grannymar said...

That is pure laziness. Home made sandwiches are easy to make, fresher, tastier and without additives a much healthier option.

Timothy Belmont said...

I think I can be a trifle lazy, Grannymar! I'll let you know later next week how lazy, or not, I feel! :-)