Wednesday, 4 November 2009

At Horse Island

I'm just back from a sixty-length swim up at the old school, having whacked a pizza in the oven earlier.

I spent all day, with five other volunteers, at National Trust land beside Horse Island, near Kircubbin on the Ards Peninsula.

We are making satisfactory progress. This is quite a large plot of land, and the perimeter is overgrown with gorse, briar, ivy and other undergrowth. The perimeter will soon be ready for the new fencing.

The Property Manager turned up at lunch-time with a camera-man. The Trust is making a short film about volunteering in Northern Ireland which, seemingly, will be sold in their local shops. The camera-man filmed us during the afternoon; and then conducted short, two-minute interviews with us all!

On my way home towards Belfast, there was a police speed unit consisting of two policemen, one pointing a speed gun at the traffic as it drove down the steep hill on the dual carriageway towards Dundonald; the spot where the 70mph speed limit drops suddenly to 40mph. I was reducing my speed at this point. They didn't flag me down so, presumably, I was OK.

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