Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Terrible Day

I've had a ghastly day. The Dowager sprained her ankle on Sunday, while we were at Daft Eddy's on Sketrick Island. I've endured a steady stream of calls from the district nurse; the doctor; the ambulance service ... and I've had to be "in attendance" all day.

The first ambulance didn't turn up because the doctor forgot to inform them. The second ambulance turned up this morning while I was away - and I expressly told the doctor that I had an appointment between ten-thirty and noon.

The third ambulance arrived mid-afternoon. I followed it in the baby two-seater; accompanied the Dowager into Casualty in the Ulster Hospital; waited for a few hours; and, when they x-rayed the ankle, there was no fracture.

The Dowager is being kept in an observation ward overnight; and I'll collect her tomorrow.

I still managed to swim my sixty lengths this evening. On the way home, I stopped at a new kebab house, Lydia's, at 38, Belmont Road, fancying some comfort food. This takeaway seems clean and tidy; and the staff also seem to be agreeable.

I ordered a doner kebab with pitta bread and garlic mayonnaise. It was the best kebab I have eaten for many years indeed: Crispy, fresh salad; lots of meat; and thick, tangy garlic mayonnaise - not that runny, diluted stuff you sometimes get. Great value for £3.50. I shall definitely return.

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