Saturday, 14 November 2009

Poor Memory

Not self, I hasten to add, on this occasion! Timothy Belmont's memory is tip-top, I am glad to report.

I refer to an inexpensive digital camcorder I purchased about ten days ago at a prominent stationer's in Donegall Place, Belfast.

I used it for the first time the other day and its internal memory is utterly pathetic! Eighteen seconds, or thereabouts. It would have required an SD Card for extra memory. I returned it today, in its original packaging; and, to the stationer's credit, they didn't quibble at all. The £39.99 was credited to my account.

I have a trusty little Kodak C310 digital camera, which suffices for me. Remarkably enough, its internal memory is quite good; and it would improve a deal more with an "SD Memory Card".

1GB should be sufficient for me. That is the maximum size of memory recommended for my camera anyway. I have just bought a new one from a business seller on Ebay, for £2.99 including free postage.

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