Monday, 9 November 2009

The Brown Misspelling

I think I'll give the Prime Minister, Mr Brown, the "benefit of the doubt" in this exceptional instance. He wrote a letter to the grieving mother of Guardsman Janes, killed on active service last October whilst in Afghanistan.

Mr Brown is practically blind in one eye; and, to be fair, this is the most likely reason for the misspelling (presumably he wrote "James" instead of Janes).

Having said that, surely it must be of the utmost import that Mr Brown gets this kind of personal correspondence checked, either by his wife or by an aide, owing to his handicap?

My distaste for Mr Brown and most of his socialist colleagues is doubtless reciprocated, in equal measure, by their loathing of the Great Lady, whom I hold in inestimably higher esteem!


John Self said...

Brown is not only missing one eye, he is close to being functionally blind in the other. That's why he writes in a big scrawl with a black marker pen: it's the only way he can read his own notes.

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha! My piece was understated. :-)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to see it still listed on HMQ's on the website. Really ought to be resurrected, or perhaps they could create a new order with the same Hibernian feel. As with the Irish peerage, which the government of RoI "primly disclaimed any interest in," Dublin couldn't care less - it's the inertia of the British government preventing it.