Sunday, 22 November 2009

The Plum Pudding

Despite the fact that I only ever indulge in it at Christmas - usually - I adore plum pudding. That is the old-fashioned, traditional - even archaic - name for it. Call it Christmas pudding, if you prefer.

There are some very good plum puddings on the market, without the need to make one yourself.

Marcus Wareing, Gordon Ramsay's erstwhile protégé, has been out and about testing several of the best supermarket ones and, unsurprisingly, the Tesco Finest, 18-month Matured pudding is impressive. Tesco are proud of their "premium" plum puddings; especially since Her Majesty has presented them to her staff - or some of them - at Christmas in the past. That's what I've heard, at any rate.

Wareing's comparison is selective and he tries a mere six puddings. Nonetheless, it is still quite interesting. Judge for yourself...


Anonymous said...

Is "plum pudding" the old fashioned name?

I never liked actually enjoyed it, 'though I am a fan of the mince pie.


Anonymous said...

* “I never actually enjoyed it…”

I ought to be more careful when rejigging syntax!