Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gloom & Despondency

I have been feeling a bit gloomy lately, what with the incident concerning the Dowager a week ago and all that that entailed. You're cruising along quite happily, and then this sort of "challenging" matter occurs.

The stress of the Dowager Incident, coupled with my futility and frustration at being unable to upload images satisfactorily with the new camcorder; and returning it; trying desperately to get SC memory cards to work on the little Kodak camera - seemingly the camera is technologically obsolete and I kept being asked what age it was, as if it was a Kodak Brownie! It cannot be much more than five years old.

So there it is. I can only hope that life gets back to the old routine again soon. At least I'm still posting these dispatches on the blog.

I've been doing a spot of research on country houses in County Londonderry. Is there anyone reading this from that county? This shall be the subject of a future project. A few familiar names are popping up, viz. Drenagh, Ballyscullion, Bellarena, Downhill and, of course, Springhill.


Anonymous said...

McCorkells at Ballyarnett, Moyola Park, Clarks at Upperlands (nothing very grand there though), Stronges at Lizard Manor, and Greystone Hall, Limavady too.

I always envied the McCauslands as Drenagh's a lovely place - and, crucially, not so big as to be totally un-maintainable!


Timothy Belmont said...

I was talking to a fellow-swimmer tonight who stayed at Drenagh in the sixties; the current McCausland's grandfather perhaps... George mentioned something about a son being shot in the back when he served in the UDR.

The Fat Builder said...

My princess and I had our wedding reception at Ballyscullion in Bellaghy.

Timothy Belmont said...

Morning, Fat Builder!

That's interesting. The original Bishop's mansion was palatial, akin to Ickworth.

I heard that Chris Tarrant likes to stay at Ballyscullion. Could this be true? And what's it like?


Sandy said...

Keep the chin up, old chap!
I have heard that keeping a ferret is good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

It's still the Mulhollands isn't it?

Timothy Belmont said...

Cheers, Sandy.

I think the Mulhollands still own Ballyscullion, Anon. They certainly used to.

The Fat Builder said...

Ballyscullion is Georgian and comfortable; lovely views from the sandstone front step. I believe Chris Tarrant stays in the stable yard when he's fishing on the Lough.