Saturday, 28 November 2009

Canon Powershot

I'm wondering whether it might be a better idea for me to consider a more up-to-date compact digital camera. My Kodak C310 simply refuses to recognize any SD memory cards at all.

I 'm thinking along the lines of something like a Canon Powershot A480, which does accept SD cards and is, I think, 10 mega-pixels. They can be purchased from Amazon for £81.50.

Surely my Dell desk-top will accept uploads from this little digital camera?


Stephen Barnes said...

Have you looked at the Panasonic Lumix cameras? They're absolutely superb quality (they have 'proper' Leica lenses) and also take SD cards. You can't go wrong with them.

Timothy Belmont said...

Hi Stephen!

It would be the cheapest Lumix! I wonder how the cheapest Lumix compares with the Canon a480...

I wouldn't mind spending a little more.