Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Country Houses of Northern Ireland

I have always had a deep interest in country houses; particularly the ones in Northern Ireland, as many regular readers will be aware. When I first began writing articles about the most notable houses and country estates in the Province, my motivation was simply that passion I have always, somehow, innately held about our heritage. Many owners of the buildings I write about are custodians of this heritage: a proud, responsible and honourable state.

Notwithstanding that enthusiasm, since I started my County Series my ambition has evolved to the extent that I earnestly hope my articles will provide an elementary foundation to those with similar interests; and that what I feel is a unique guide to the Province's stately homes - and their owners, in most cases - will provide a definitive and free source on the Internet. I am no scholar nor intellectual, and have never claimed to be.

I have spent many hours compiling and researching my articles, a labour of love and, hopefully, integrity of purpose. I have initially concentrated on what I consider to be the ten greatest demesnes in each county of Northern Ireland; though I have added a few more, in some instances; and I hope to write about more estates in the future.

I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank readers for their encouragement and, in some cases, complimentary messages of support from North America and Australia.

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Keep up the good work Belmont! Always an enjoyable read. I