Monday, 15 March 2010

The Wigs Have It!

Here's a photograph of three of Northern Ireland's most senior judges, past or present. Perhaps the lawyers amongst my readership could keep me on the "straight and narrow" here: the former Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, the Right Honourable Sir Brian, now the Lord Kerr of Tonaghmore PC, is in the middle; is that the Rt Hon the Lord Carswell PC on the right, wearing the attire of a Law Lord?

Seemingly Lord Kerr was the last ever Law Lord to be appointed; and his lordship now belongs to new Labour's Supreme Court.

Little Bercow, who ought to have more respect for the Office of Mr Speaker, refuses to dress properly for his role and his attire would be similar - or should a double negative be preferred, not dissimilar - to the black and gold clothing on the right. Let us pray that little Bercow is booted out of office imminently.

Who is on the left of the grainy image? I must say I admire their wigs; I could do with one of those to cover the pate!


Anonymous said...

McCloskey J, Kerr LCJ (as he was) and Coghlin LJ.

Timothy Belmont said...

Is that a chain of Office that the erstwhile LCJ is wearing?

I use the term "wig" in ignorance because doubtless there is a proper term for the head-gear!

I wonder if they don the ceremonial dress themselves; or have dressers?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is the 'chain of office.' They just put it on themselves, Tim! Wig is the only term (in this case they are full bottom)

Are you aware that High Ct judges no longer wear wigs when presiding, except in criminal cases; they are still worn on red letter days though.


Timothy Belmont said...

Let me guess: the decision to abandon the traditional practice of wearing the full wig for all cases was made by New Labour? :-)

Anonymous said...

Tim, the decision re the wearing of wigs was made by Morgan LCJ.