Saturday, 20 March 2010

Trusty Kneecap

Fool, Belmont. I was descending the stairs quickly last night when my kneecap hit the wooden post at the end of the banister. Absolute agony and anguish. It actually brought tears to my eyes. The very act of hitting the post made such a thud that the Dowager heard it in the adjacent room.

Still, all is well with Timothy Belmont, you shall doubtless be relieved to hear. the old knee still aches a touch; nothing I cannot cope with, though.

I'd had one mere standard-measure restorative, by the way. I definitely was not in a state of demi-inebriation, lest you think I had raided the drinks cabinet.


Sharon Owens said...


I'm crocked myself these days; gammy knee, stiff back...

And a pain in my ears from my teen complaining constantly about all the homework she has to do. I reckon it's been 4 hours straight already today - she could have had the biology diagrams all done by now!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! I'm in a state of undress presently, having been digging in the garden! :-)