Sunday, 14 March 2010

Shutter Island Movie

It was a full house last night for the psychological mystery thriller, Shutter Island. I invariably look for a central seat, about two-thirds of the way back and in the middle of the row. And I usually get it, as I did last night at the Movie House Cinema on the Dublin Road, Belfast.

I had my little Nintendo player with me and had begun a new Soduko game, when a couple came and sat right beside me; then another couple came from my right-hand side and did likewise! Most unusual, since I normally have space free to myself. The place was full.

Shutter Island is not a film I'd care to view again. That's not to say I considered it a bad movie; I simply found it too clever and ingenious. Too clever by half; too taxing on my brain. The synopsis can be read here. The viewers are left wondering who the protagonists really were, in real life. Was Teddy Daniels really Andrew Laeddis? Was the woman in the cave really there? Or a figment of Teddy's psychotic imagination? Having said that, the movie generally gets the "thumbs up" and the consensus is 67% positive from Rotten Tomatoes.

It was very well done indeed; acting tip-top. Confusing for Timothy Belmont, though.

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