Tuesday, 9 March 2010

To the Manor Born

Evocative of those powerful and formidable magnates in their day, viz Lord Pirrie or Lord Dunleath; men who were largely self-made and became princes of Industry; ultimately elevated to the ranks of the Nobility. Edward Haughey, now sitting as a life peer, as the Right Honourable Edward Enda Baron Ballyedmond, OBE.

As if one didn't already know, Lord Ballyedmond does not need to win the Lottery: his lordship is sitting on an enormous fortune estimated, at the last count, to be worth four hundred and forty million pounds. Cognizant of this fact, he can afford to indulge his lavish tastes. Why not?

The latest acquisition is his London town-house at 9, Belgrave Square. Read all about it here.


Anonymous said...

Social climber Extraordinaire!!!

Sandy said...

He is no different to the linen and shipping magnates of the 19th century. It is simply a new generation of new money, to which a large number of estates around the country from a different era will attest. He has, at least, earned his pile, like my ancestor Pirrie (although sadly in a different league!). Many "noble" families were simply planted, and most "noblemen" are there purely as an accident of birth!
As for Russian Oligarchs....

Anonymous said...

Why on earth did he let the press in??? Who does that? All credit to him for making his money, but I'd have kept a bit quieter about it. I'm sure it'll impress some people - Arab businessmen probably - but not most right thinking people!

Timothy Belmont said...

Sandy, I wondered why you felt at home in Ormiston. :-)

I must admit I do admire him for the fabulous and extraordinary achievements he has made. I hope I'm being fair.

An accident of birth: never a truer word said!

Anon, Lord Ballyedmond is extremely proud of his position and, agreed, he does deserve recognition for his fabulous achievements. I imagine this is a factor in showing his town-house to the Sunday Times!

Timothy Belmont said...

This might interest you, Sandy:

The Marquess of Downshire: Downshire House, 24, Belgrave Square (1860), erstwhile home of Lord Pirrie.

That was on an old article of mine; so there's a Downshire-Pirrie link.

Anonymous said...

Letting the ST in to see his restoration is hardly that pretentious - at least he doesn't let the public run riot around it!

In agreement with the general consensus that he's exactly the same as the industrial revolutionaries. Give him a baronetcy, I say!


Sandy said...

Thanks Tim
Can you send me the Downshire link?
Incidentally 2011 is the centenary of the launching of the Titanic. Some Canadian and English Pirrie "cousins" are celebrating the date with the distribution of a book (to all the surviving Pirrie descendants that they have been able to trace), detailing their ancestry back to Capt. Pirrie, William's father, and beyond. Encompassing Pirries, Barbours, Heyns, Bradleys, Andrews', Kinghans, Charleys etc. It may be for sale too. It will be a remarkable record of some great Ulster families.