Friday, 5 March 2010

Record Numbers

Lord Belmont had 582 "page loads" yesterday: 226 unique visitors, 55 returning visitors. This represents the highest daily number of visitors since my blog began in December, 2007. 60% of visitors were from Canada yesterday, as a matter of interest. I am particularly pleased to welcome our Canadian cousins to the Earldom!

I just wish to express my gratitude to readers and friends, many of whom doubtless encounter me by accident!

As ever, I am delighted to receive positive contributions from everyone. I am sorry that I have had to continue with comment moderation because Eva from Romania still sends the odd love epistle to Prince William; and I received one mere irrelevant comment from someone calling themselves "Lady Rich Bitch", which was singularly offensive and obnoxious.

Thank you.


shaggy said...

Hi Tim......yes i stumbled across your blog a few months ago and now find myself a bit of an addict to your blethering. I can maybe take some credit for your rise in popularity having spread the word about Lord Belmont at the recent Brackenber House old boys do.
Best wishes from an old school friend...."Paki"

Timothy Belmont said...


Surname begin with an L?

I wondered why there was a surge in numbers after that date. :-)

Were you same year as me at CCB, or 79? Class of 78 are having a re-union in Oct.


Timothy Belmont said...

How did the BHS dinner go? Would I have known many? I'd have gone, but didn't know who'd be there.