Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wheel to Roll Away!

We are to be rid of the so-called Belfast Wheel within weeks. Hurrah. I have been calling for its removal for over a year; and always found its location incongruous and unsympathetic beside the finest building in Belfast.

I had hoped that it would be relocated to a more appropriate location, viz. the Titanic Quarter.

I was in Town about a week ago and the Wheel was virtually empty; there weren't any customers in sight.

The current Lord Mayor of Belfast seemed to be supportive of the Wheel at its present location; or, at least, ambivalent. Did the Lord Mayor have a role to play in its fate? Or lobby for its relocation?


The Lord Mayor, Councillor Naomi Long, said that it was "disappointing" that the wheel may be on its way because it had added to the experience of visitors. Perhaps it is satisfactory that the current Lord Mayor will be on her way out in a few months' time; and she could even obtain a free ride on the Wheel as it makes its exit from Donegall Square!

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Anonymous said...

hopefully those dreadful yellow and black phoneboxes can go next- they are real eyesores