Sunday, 18 April 2010

Delay: Day III

There is still no indication of any change in my circumstances. I am imbedded at room number 151 in my hotel and carrying on with my routine. Tomorrow I shall phone my dentist, because I have a check-up next week. Perhaps I should change the title of my blog to Lord Belmont In Tenerife!

So far, Thos Cook has been very good and I have had no cause for complaint. If this situation prevails for much longer, they might have to charter a ferry to sail us home!

Of course one gets bored with hotel food, especially the buffet sort. It is all perfectly acceptable, though I could always dine out now and again.


Julian Brown said...

Hello Tim,
I have been reading your blog with interest these last days and am not suprised you have resorted to Gordons - the green bottle variety I mean; Not your friendly cockroach Prime Minister.

I think it is all a conspiricy you know, just to keep you away till after the election! They are making it up..planes are buzzing round here as usual!

Look forward to your eventual return....

Julian Brown

Timothy Belmont said...

No question that the ass Brown wants his lordship out of the way till then, Julian.

Funnily enough, the Gordon's bottles are all clear, see-through over here!