Thursday, 15 April 2010

Flight Delay?

I hope my flight home tomorrow isn't affected too badly by that Icelanic volcanic ash. The flight is scheduled to arrive at Belfast about 17:00 hours. Oh well, better safe than sorry I suppose.

I sometimes feel like a misanthropic, grumpy boor, as was the case this morning at breakfast. My tranquility was gravely disrupted by a baby bawling its head off about two tables away. I imagine, had I children of my own, I'd perhaps be more tolerant and understanding. However, my behaviour was probably worse than the baby's! Looking round, muttering under my breath, thinking they ought to take it out of the room. Intolerance is not a virtue, methinks.

Fear not, though, Timothy Belmont has fully recovered and is happily tapping away on the Mini 9 keyboard in the lobby!


Peregrine's Bird Blog said...

Even if you had had children you would still I think be intolerant. I am most definately so. When I had my cafe I used to ask parents to remove crying babies if it carried on for more than 3-4 minutes. On one occasion I did so and got a round of applause!!!

Timothy Belmont said...

Perhaps I'm not so miserly after all.

Doesn't appear too good re my flight at present. They say that UK air-space could be affected for up to 48 hours. Just as long as they don't pen me into the airport for that length of time - let us remain at the hotel!

kim too said...

Oh you made me laugh, thought i was the only noisy child intolerant person in the world, and i do have children.

Good luck with the flight situation. Safe home.