Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Delay: Day V

It is raining quite heavily in Tenerife, as I write. Only smokers have been standing at the hotel entrance enjoying a Silk Cut or whatever they smoke nowadays.

I spoke to the Thos Cook representative five minutes ago and she advised us to renew our accommodation at the hotel for another day. We have to check the notice-board at about six-thirty this evening so, if there are any developments, I'll post them here instanter.

Incidentally, I was apprised that all the Thos Cook aircraft are in the UK, not Tenerife.

I think I'll but another half-bottle of Gordon's gin!


Anonymous said...

Chin up! At least the rain will remind you of home.

Actually I have recently returned from a perfect break in NI - the weather had been fantastic and we had the boat out on Strangford. Not that I'm trying to make you feel home-sick!

I travel often enough to know that when you are ready to go home, you usually really want to go, and delays of just a few hours are frustating. So I can sympathise with your plight, even if it is nominally an extended holiday. My expectation is that flights will be better tomorrow, and you still might be able to make your opera on Thursday (though whether you are up to it is another question - a work colleague is now recouperating in bed after spending 48h zig-zagging across Europe to get back from Naples via Swiss and French railway; it goes without saying that the French helpfully were on strike!).
Anyway, hope you get home soon, and in the meantime, think Boot of the Beast - send out for more cleft sticks!

Timothy Belmont said...

Thanks, J. Much appreciated. Great to receive support from friends and readers.