Saturday, 3 April 2010

Top Groceries

The Daily Telegraph has enlightened us as to the top ten best-selling grocery items in the United Kingdom today. Warburton's bread is, sadly, unavailable presently in Northern Ireland: I was given it for breakfast when I stayed with friends in Middlesex and liked it.

The only brands we regularly use on the list would be Hovis (Seed Sensations); Walkers Crisp Sensations; Nescafé occasionally; and Cadbury's Caramel.


Stephen said...

The criteria is by GBP sales, not whether anyone likes the stuff! Durex condoms would probably bear Aero bars on that measure. A bad spelling error on "Cadbury" too!

Timothy Belmont said...

Fair point, Stephen. Take issue with the spelling, though! Cadbury's Caramel sounds better than Cadbury Caramel!

"The bar was first launched in 1976, originally called Cadbury's Caramel until 2003, when it was renamed. In early 2009 it was relaunched, with the Caramel name re-emphasised as the main on-pack brand, and the Dairy Milk brand reduced in size.!

Cadbury was the founder's surname, of course.