Friday, 19 August 2011

Vote For Belmont!

Might I beg readers' indulgence by blowing my own trumpet? If I don't do it, I'm sure nobody else will!

This blog was voted Number Seven in the NORTHERN IRELAND category in last year's Total Politics Best Blogs Poll.

I don't regard it as political myself, more of a personal journal (or journey!).

Please cast your vote at the link HERE.


Lord Ballygowan said...

Hi Tim,

I have just cast my vote with your goodself in pole position!


Timothy Belmont said...

Terrific! Great title, by the way. Are you going to begin a blog?

Anonymous said...

Urhmmm: ur (you are) my home page though a tad right wing for many. Despite that always entertaining and informative. And is a bike really safe in hedge at Station Road (suppose it depends on the bike!)? My soon to be QUB son (AAB- sigh of relief)) will be travelling from there. So....., all things considered... Ak OK Tim

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, a master at CCB and a fellow Old Brackenbrian greeted me at the dinner with a beam and "ahhh, Lord Belmont. Slightly to the right of A..... well, enough of that. ;-)

The old two-wheeler at Sydenham? Well, I still have it intact, suffice it to say!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't consider Lord Belmont right wing in the slightest! Certainly it has a particular patrician tone to it, which is all to the good, to my mind. Keep up the good work Lord B! VC PS - much enjoyed the article on Orangefield.