Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Gorse Assault!

I have been on Island Taggart all day. Ten of us gathered at Thompson's Quay, Rathcunningham Road, near Killyleagh, County Down, and spent the day on the ninety-four acre National Trust island on Strangford Lough.

It is opposite Simmy Island.

We were cutting down gorse, lots of it. The island is overwhelmed with gorse bushes, to an extent. So, armed with two chain-saws and a long-handled circular saw, we lit a series of fires and burned the cuttings as we progressed.

We ate our sandwiches close to the pond, which is adjacent to a ruinous cottage.

Alan had his trusty Kelly Kettle.

I had brought along a dozen chocolate chip mini muffins for everybody. Young Timothy Belmont has his moments, you know!

We all shared the gorse logs, and I took three sackfuls.

So I am home, a tad weary, with a slightly sore neck. A couple of snifters of gin will remedy that.


Anonymous said...

Gorse? Heavens! Which variety of gloves did you use to tackle that lot?? I covet the Storm Kettle (or is it a Kelly Kettle?) For years I have been dropping hints at Christmas and birthdays in the hope of being given one but, alas, my pleas fall on stony ground and deaf ears. Does it boil water quickly?

Timothy Belmont said...

I'll ask the owner!