Thursday, 23 February 2012

Ivory Cafe Bar

Well Timothy Belmont has had a trying and somewhat unsettling day, so I've treated myself to a glass of champers and Walter's Smoked Salmon open sandwich in the Ivory Cafe Bar at House of Fraser's Belfast store.

The champers, a brand I'm unfamiliar with, is available by the glass. I am no connoisseur of champers, though this stuff is well-chilled, not too dry and fruity. 

The smoked salmon salad consists of un-buttered wheaten bread, Walter's finest salmon, mixed lettuce leaves, grated carrot and onion. Simple and wholesome.

I cycled in on the trusty two-wheeler and locked it at a cycle stand in Victoria Square.

Today, on the old list, are the families of Palmerston, Leslie and Bernard for research.

It's really rather agreeable in this little bar; rather nice sort of crowd.

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