Thursday, 16 February 2012

Ramore Wine Bar

I have just had a very good meal at the Ramore Wine Bar in Portrush, County Antrim. Their system works well here, whereby one orders one's meal at the counter, pays, and waits at the table.

I ordered fillet of beef with chilli sauce and salad, enclosed in pitta bread. My side orders were real French-fried onions and Parmesan fried potato cubes; with a small glass of chilled white wine. It cost about £17, including the tip.

Despite half-term and noisy offspring, I enjoyed the whole experience hugely, as ever. Table 26.

One word of dissent: About time Ramore offered its patrons wi-fi. I brought the netbook and was unable to receive any reception at all.

So Timothy Belmont is presently installed in an armchair at a log fire in the Bayview Hotel, Portballintrae, County Antrim.

And I am in good company: Darren Clarke and Allison Campbell are twelve feet away, with friends, enjoying a drink.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I'd rather see lap tops banned from the dining table, along with mobile phones, et al!


Timothy Belmont said...

Agreed re mobiles. My mini 9 is diminutive, noiseless and I was on my own!

Anonymous said...

Aren't iPads now allowed in the Lords? VC