Thursday, 16 February 2012

Scots Independance

I concur wholeheartedly with the Prime Minister about Scotland and Scottish independence. The United Kingdom would be all the poorer - and I don't mean in a fiscal sense - without Scotland and the Scots.

We recognize the rich sense of heritage and culture that Scotland brings to the rest of the Kingdom.

It would indeed be deeply sad.

I make absolutely no apologies for reaffirming my commitment and belief in the United Kingdom.

Personally I believe that the people of Scotland, especially those without any strong feelings about the Union, ought to think long and hard about their future. Is it as an independent state within the European Union and the discredited Euro?

Scots nationalists ought not to assume that they will be entitled to the entire benefits of North Sea oil, either. They are better off remaining within the UK.


Anonymous said...

I really would like to see them survive without the other countries of the UK, even with the North sea funds (which as we know will not last forever) they have not the revenue to go it alone... What will good old Alex do? Raise taxes? Join the EU and look for funding..... ummm me thinks there could be another 'Greece' in our midst...... lol all I can say is our countries and their finances are too interlinked for any of our four countries to 'go it alone' Alex is doing a somewhat rubbish 'rebel rousing' and personally I'm not sure what he expects to accomplish. If the hoi poloi of Scotland get a vote and vote for indipendence... it has to start straight away with no funding from the remaining countries of the UK ... and as in the fab Ealing comedy Passport to Pimlico... we should have border control in place a.s.a.p. (As Scotland would not be part of the EU... as it is the UK not Scotland that is the member). We would not want illegal immigrant …. We have enough problems with them already.

Rex Hunter said...

I see one of the biggest problems the UK nuclear weapons stores at Coulport, Loch Long : the cost of relocating these to a new facility in England would be billions and apparently take up to 10 years. The nuclear submarines are based at Faslane, not far away in the Gareloch. Again, a new base would be needed. These two issues would make the problems of locating a new London airport seem trivial !