Friday, 15 June 2012

Ham-String Ping!

I was pushing the calf press in the gymnasium awhile ago, when I felt a sudden ache in my left calf. Ceasing the activity forthwith, I sought advice and, it transpires, I have pulled a ham-string or whatever it's called.

Ardent female readers, you shall be relieved to know that all is in good condition north of the aforesaid juncture.

Within five minutes, a packet of the choicest garden peas was propping up the noble knee-joint.

I hobbled to the two-seater and made straight for Belmont GHQ, where the intention is to apply more vegetables to the faulty limb.

If any duchesses happen to encounter me imminently, do not accost me with any droll phrases such as "break a leg".


Dr. Fell said...

I fear you have been misinformed. One's hamstrings are at the back of the upper leg/thigh area : unless you are an exception, an of the greatest interest to medical science.

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed I now suspect it is a case of calf strain or pull.

Still administering the garden peas. Mmmmm.