Thursday, 14 June 2012

The Honourable Ian?

The National Trust was established in 1895. It is dedicated to preserving the cultural or environmental treasures of England, Northern Ireland and Wales (Scotland has its own separate Trust).

The Hon Ian Paisley MLA (the Lord Bannside's son), a Northern Ireland politician, has attacked and bullied the National Trust in a particularly vicious and scurrilous manner.

Obviously The National Trust has very good reasons for objecting to the so-called Bushmills Dunes Golf Resort, adjacent to the Giant's Causeway, County Antrim.

The Trust remains convinced that the planning application is contrary to a range of the department's planning policies.

Moreover, the Trust has consistently opposed the planning application.

The National Trust is particularly concerned that the entire development is on land zoned in the draft Northern Area Plan as the "distinctive landscape setting of the World Heritage Site in which no development should take place":-
  "This is based on a recommendation by UNESCO - the body responsible for World Heritage designations - that there should be a buffer zone to protect the special landscape surrounding the Causeway."
The charity added that having "carefully considered" all the information relating to the planning decision, there remained "fundamental issues of concern".

It said it had "no option" but to seek leave for a judicial review, so that the decision could be given the "fullest possible consideration."

Perhaps the Honourable Ian and his ilk ought to pay more attention to the repeal of planning laws in Northern Ireland. I wish to see more protection for historic buildings and the Environment.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I cannot stand Paisley Jnr. There seems to be something very sinister and materialistic about him. He also appears very keen on the property developers who've done so much to destroy the character of the North Coast. Very few houses have gone up in recent decades which use natural, local materials and vernacular designs. A great pity. VC

Rex Hunter said...

golf may be history in 100 years time, but the coastline is everlasting so it's a pity to spoil it. Also, a shopkeeper in Bushmills told me it's not something will benefit them much : a gated community with its own shops.