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De La Cherois Vault

This vault was enlarged by Daniel Delacherois, Esqr JP, of the Manor House, Donaghadee, AD 1868 

Within rest the remains of  ~

Mary CROMMELIN, born -------died ----- unm aged 80 

Daniel Delacherois Esq, JP, born 23 June 1735, died 15 March 1790 

Marcy Delacherois, his wife, born ------- 17--, born -------, died 9 Nov 1844 aged --- 

Daniel Delacherois, MA TCD, DL, JP, born 10th July 1825, died 8th April 1905 

Daniel Delacherois, Esq, JP, DL, born 1 Dec 1783, died 1 Oct 1850, unmd 

Mary Delacherois, his sister, born 11 April 1790, died 10 March 1854, unmd 

Ellen, daughter of Geo LESLIE, Esq & wife of Daniel Delacherois, Esq, AM, DL, JP, born 7th Oct 1827, she died 4th Dec 1891 

Edmund Bourjonval Delacherois, Esq MD, TCD, of Brighton, second son of Daniel Delacherois, Esq, MA, TCD, DL, JP, born 20th January 1861, married 7th January 1893 and died sp 1st June 1901 at Sandford near Bristol, from a carriage accident, aged 40 [The blank spaces were never filled in] 

In memory of the members of the family of Daniel Delacherois, Esq, DL, JP, who lie buried in the Manor House Vault under the west aisle of this church  ~

Daniel Louis De La Cherois, Col 3 Bat RI Rifles, formerly Lieut 4 QO Hussars, eldest son of D De La Cherois DL, born 7 June 1855, died 26 Nov 1909 

Elizabeth Mary Angelica De La Cherois, eldest daughter of D De La Cherois, DL, born 3 Feb 1857, died 29 March 1910 

Helen Vaughan HAMILTON, wife of Edwin, MA, daughter of Daniel De La Cherois, DL, born 2 Dec 1859, died Nov 6 1911 

Catherine Charlotte De Lacherois, daughter of J McCance BLIZARD and dearly loved wife of Geo L De Lacherois, born 4 Aug 1888, died 17 May 1922 

Charles Hutcheson De Lacherois, 4th son of Daniel De Lacherois DL, born 18th Dec 1867, died 28th Sept 1933, 

George Leslie De Lacherois, DL, JP, 3rd son of Daniel De Lacherois, DL, born 31st Oct 1865, died 12th May 1948 

In memory of the members of the family of Daniel Delacherois, Esq, DL, JP, who lie buried in the Manor House vault under the west aisle of this church ~

Edmund Normal LESLIE dearly loved husband of Mary De Lacherois, born 7th August 1859, died 16th July 1930 

Mary Louise, third daughter of Daniel De Lacherois born 13th Feb 1863, devoted wife of E N Leslie, died 16th June 1949.

Edmund Bourjanval Delacherois’ death is reported as follows in the Belfast News Letter of Monday, June 3, 1901:
Much regret is felt in Donaghadee and neighbourhood at the sad intelligence of the lamented death of young Dr Delacherois, second son of Mr Daniel Delacherois, D.L., County Down, who died on the 1st inst., from injuries received from being thrown from a trap while driving with his brother, whom he was visiting, at Sandford, Somerset, England. He had a promising career ahead of him in the medical profession, into which he carried all the gentleness and sympathy that distinguished him in private life.

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