Friday, 8 June 2012

Rathlin Departure

We spent most of the evening in The Auld Kitchen last night. This is the little snuggery bar in the former kitchen of the manor house. Fifteen would be a crowd.

One of the islanders produced a guitar and proceeded to sing for us all. Another lovely lady called Mary, originally from America, arrived and told us that her home was a log cabin on the island. Mary explained that she'd been experiencing some difficulty in obtaining planning permission for a modest extension to her cabin.

This morning, after a good cooked breakfast, we packed up, checked out of the Manor House and went for a stroll towards St Thomas's church. St Thomas's now forms part of the parish of Balintoy and, in fact, we encountered the Rector yesterday at the RSPB's West Lighthouse base.

There are a few more vehicles on Rathlin than three years ago. Can they obtain fuel on the island at a tank? Or must they drive (or take a can) over to the mainland?

A few new buildings are being erected, too, close to Church Bay or Mill Bay.

So we departed on the 12 noon sailing and I am home.

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