Friday, 22 June 2012

The Errant Wallet

I have had an eventful twenty-four hours. I met Lady A and another friend at the Europa hotel in central Belfast, where we had a few snifters. We ordered a selection of sandwiches with a miniature basket of chips. This was very good indeed.

Thence across to the Grand Opera House, where we had a stage box for a very good production of 42nd Street.

Our box had a bottle of champers in an ice-bucket on the shelf.

At the interval, we all trooped down to the main bar, where we indulged in further refreshments (!).

When the show ended, we walked over to the Europa Hotel again and found a comfortable sofa in the Piano Bar. We hadn't a table booked anywhere for dinner, so decided simply to go across the road, to Brennan's Bar, for some comfort nosh and a few more restoratives.

I seem to recall that I had the ham with champ and cabbage, Lady A had lasagne, and B had chicken goujons.

When we got up to leave, my Big Problem began. I could not find my wallet. It had not much cash in it, though there were a few credit cards, a National Trust card, driving licence and store cards.

Well, we looked everywhere for the damned thing: The hotel, the opera house, Brennan's naturally; all to no avail.

Thus, as soon as I got home I contacted my bank and the police. This morning I contacted the places again. Nothing.

I took Lady A to the railway station this morning and she very kindly nipped in to Brennan's again.

She walked over to the hotel in the pouring rain, while I sat in the car.

Yes! Lady A came over with a brown envelope in her hand and a smile. The wallet, complete with all my contents, had materialised, presumably on the floor in the Piano Bar.

Thank heaven for that. I rang them to express my gratitude. All's well that ends well.


Mad Mandy Moans said...

I had a fantastic time Timbo. Legs akimbo in the box dancing in time to the music. And how wonderful were the cast me met outside the GOH? Multiple pleasures. The Full Monty is on from 1st to 6th of April. Check it out and decide which day you prefer. From what I gather it is THE FULL MONTY ...omg

Lionel Hoxton-Grant said...

I wonder were your group the revellers I witnessed while quietly imbibing in the same bar ? If so, I am not surprised your wallet dropped from your person, such was the carousing and merry-making. But perhaps this was earlier.

Timothy Belmont said...

Generally I was quiet enough myself whilst imbibing. Agreed, I'd had a fair few snifters, more than I ought perhaps.

Re the Piano Bar, I was seated rather quietly in an armchair, chatting (listening!) to R for much of the time.

There was a wedding party, which was causing much noise in the room. I wasn't part of it!