Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Colebrooke Spa

Andrew Triggs has drawn my attention to the forthcoming Channel 4 Country House Rescue series, which will feature Colebrooke Park, County Fermanagh, in the first episode. It will be broadcast on Thursday, 14th June.

The programme will focus on Lord and Lady Brookeborough's possible conversion of Colebrooke into a health and well-being business that includes a new spa in the former stables.

The presenter elaborates:
"The Viscount and Viscountess Brookeborough have lived in Colebrooke Park, a neo-classical mansion in County Fermanagh, for over 30 years.

Having rescued the property, built in 1820, from near ruin, Alan and Janet have devoted their lives to maintaining the house, raising the funds they need by hosting exclusive shooting parties.

But their work isn't sustainable. Simon believes the answer lies in the conversion of the house and grounds into a health and well-being business that includes a spa in the former stable."

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