Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Admirable, Your Majesty

The Queen's two-day visit to Northern Ireland has clearly been a resounding success. It has uplifted us all.

Her Majesty, supported steadfastly by Prince Philip, is so gracious. We love her dearly.

The Hand-Shake was probably inevitable. It was well choreographed by the Northern Ireland Office, I am in no doubt.

Nevertheless, it emits a very strong signal to the rest of the world, a positive signal.

I personally have had grave reservations about The Hand-Shake. It took great fortitude and faith and the part of Her Majesty to fulfil the task required of her.

However, I simply wish to express my delight and hope that Her Majesty and The Duke of Edinburgh return to the Province in the not too distant future.

Congratulations to the many people who made the Visit possible, including the Police and many public servants.

Well done indeed.


Alice said...

A successful Jubilee Visit.Yes I agree the handshake required the fortitude and faith of Her Majesty but it also required the fortitude and faith of Deputy First Minister.A positive day .

Alice said...

Yes Lord Belmont I agree the royal visit was a great success and that the handshake required great fortitude and faith on the part of Her Majesty. It also took the same fortitude and faith on the part of the Deputy First Minister.Well done to both of them .A good day for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Your Lordship appears to have been absent from the gigantic Stormont garden-party. You missed a bouncy castle reserved for the sole use of Peers
of the Realm ! It was uplifting to see assorted Marquises, Dukes and Barons springing skywards !

Timothy Belmont said...

Had the authorities permitted a restorative, I might well have partaken of a bouncy castle or four. ;-)