Monday, 13 August 2012

British Glory

It has been a glorious Olympics for us. In the end, London hosted the Games splendidly. Moreover, Team GB made us all proud.

Twenty-nine gold medals makes us third in the world rankings, behind the USA and China.

Northern Ireland played its part in that tally. Stormont and Westminster must therefore collaborate in order to facilitate our most promising athletes to train at centres of excellence, like Loughborough. 

It was be churlish not to mention our closest neighbour, the Republic of Ireland.

The Irish achieved one gold medal, a considerable achievement for a small nation of just 4.6 million people.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the residents of the North who chose to represent the ROI inc. the two bronze-medal winning boxers !
Let us hope you will be reporting on their homecoming parade, Belfast city centre, lunchtime tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Team Ireland achieved one gold and two bronze medals, all in boxing. Although the two bronze medal winners are from Northern Ireland they were not under the GB flag and were not funded by Team GB.

Timothy Belmont said...
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