Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Cullintraw Day

Eleven of us braved the elements today at the townland of Cullintraw, near Comber, County Down.
The National Trust owns land here. Cullintraw is near Castle Espie.

The National Trust acquired the freehold of fourteen acres at Cullintraw in 1994 from Joan Morrow.

We had intended going to Island Taggart, though the trip had to cancelled due to weather conditions.

Parking was severely restricted, though we all managed to squeeze in to the verge at the side of a narrow road.

We were cutting and stacking rushes. These coarse, spiky grasses have invaded a substantial part of the field. Mechanical cutters and rakes were used to form the cuttings into stacks.

We are hopeful that cattle will eventually be able to graze more freely.

Ron had his usual tinned mackerel, with chilli sauce on this occasion.

I had cheese & onion sandwiches with tea.

It was quite bright, though windy, during the morning. After lunch, the heavens opened and torrential rain stopped play.

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Anonymous said...

'Cullintraw' is really the same name as 'Cultra' near Holywood Co. Down - from the Irish 'back of the strand' meaning just inland from the shore.