Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Trusty Nose-Bag

I have just returned from a trip into town. I rode in the trusty two-wheeler. I met BP in a city centre bar.

I am glad I cycled, because I indulged in several Hendricks' and Tanqueray gins. BP was driving, hence the colas.

I donned the venerable nose-bag for a delicious lunch, consisting of two types of fish with creamy mash in another thick, creamy sauce.

BP had the sizzling steak with fried onions and chips.

Earlier I had called in to the Linenhall Library, where I researched the Traills of Ballylough.


The Earl Bishop said...

Trust you had cucumber with the Hendricks M'Lord ?

Timothy Belmont said...

Ha! I was apprised that cucumber was in short supply and Would lime suffice!

I didn't mind.

Northern Scrivener said...

I have a plentiful supply of both cucumbers and gherkins. More than happy to supply same if someone else providing the Hendricks.