Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hawthorne Lunch

I dashed over to Belfast's Boucher Road in the two-seater today, a spur-of-the-moment decision.

Nipping in to Lakeland, the kitchenware store, I was quick to notice free samples of Australian flavoured licorice. Scoffing a tiny sample, I favoured it and bagged a 500g bag.

It is made by a company called Ricci, and imported into the UK by Lakeland.

A new washing-up brush was needed, too, so I picked one up in the shop.

As regular readers will be aware, Timothy Belmont finds it extremely hard to resist the Hawthorne Restaurant at Fulton's.

Incidentally, the assistant in Lakeland apprised me that Fulton's will be closing down eventually. It has recently been hoped that a buyer might be found.

Having studied the fare on display behind the glass counter, I chose the Savoury Mince Tart, accompanied by a side salad and a good helping of coleslaw.

I invariably pour their delicious mustard dressing over the salad, as those eagle-eyed readers might discern from the photograph.

The tart was sublime. The old nose-bag was working overtime. If this place does close down, I shall greatly miss my trips to the Hawthorne.

After lunch, I passed Isaac Agnew's Mercedes showroom and admired the vehicular metal therein.


Lionel Hoxton-Grant said...

I recently found myself on the Belmont Road, no doubt close to the sequestered vale in which stands your Lordship's seat. There was a plethora of coffee shops. Can you recommend one in particular ? The populace appeared kindly to a a wayfarer like myself, doubtless reflecting the beneficent regime of the landlord of these acres.

Timothy Belmont said...

Indeed I have no qualms at all re the local tenantry, who invariably form an orderly queue at certain times of the month; while the Earl of Belmont is seated at his desk awaiting their payments. ;-)

Seriously though, I haven't been to any of the tearooms and cafes on the Belmont Road, Strandtown.

I'd be interested to hear any recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Bennetts at the bottom of Belmont Rd is well worth a visit. I was there for the first time recently ... good food, nice staff (mostly female).

R Wombat

Anonymous said...

Cafe Smart is a very enjoyable place to eat and has an excellent choice of coffees and home made traybakes.