Saturday, 11 August 2012

BT Wi-Fi

I have the little Dell Mini 9 netbook with me, which has served me most excellently for several years.

Alas, an Internet connection is unavailable at my aunt's home; hence, at nine o'clock this morning, I drove about two hundred yards round the corner!

Consequently, I am sitting on the passenger seat of the two-seater, tapping away at the keyboard! Somebody here has a BT account with wi-fi.

Mission accomplished.

Ballylough House awaits the noble earl at eleven; the sea beckons later.

Unfortunately I have been unable to transfer photos from my camera's SD card to the Mini 9. It worked previously. I don't know why it is not recognizing the card now..

I'll plug the camera directly to the netbook with its cable when I am in Belfast.


Anonymous said...

You could use WiFi in Sweenys or the Bayview. No need to impose on some poor person's account.


Timothy Belmont said...

W, It's all above board, sharing others' BT Internet. It used to be called BT Fon.

The agreement is that I let others use my connection near my house, say on the road; whereby if they live anywhere else in the country, I can use theirs.

No subterfuge, cheating, underhand stuff involved at all!

Anonymous said...

Ah, my apologies; a bit like leaving books in hotel libraries? Gotcha.


Timothy Belmont said...

Ha ha! Don't know about that. People discard books in hotels they have finished with. Give and take.

I acquired a Bryans book at a hotel in Puerto Pollensa.

What has it to do with BT account holders sharing their broadband connections?

I gladly share my BT connection with other BT customers, and they reciprocate.

Anonymous said...