Monday, 6 August 2012

Honours Speculation


There is already speculation that the Lord Coe KBE, the chairman of LOCOG (the London Games Committee), will be appointed a Companion of Honour (CH); possibly even advanced to the Order of Merit, that most exclusive order of pre-eminent men and women.

There is currently a vacancy in the Order of Merit (OM).

I anticipate that Sir Chris Hoy MBE will be advanced to Commander or Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

The expectation is that all our medallists will all be appointed to the order of the British Empire. There are five grades.

Jessica Ennis MBE could be advanced to Commander (CBE) or Dame Commander (DBE).


Anonymous said...

The flurry of Olympics-related honours we can confidently expect does however reduce the likelihood of your Lordship being advanced to an Earl or perhaps even a Duke. In time, though, it must surely happen.

Gavin Bamford said...

I was thinking that Andy Murray would have been awarded a high honour for a Wimbledon singles win but possibly a slightly lower one for his Olympic singles win.

Timothy Belmont said...

Anon, Most kind of you to suggest such an advancement.

An annuity or great country house, such as that accorded to the 1st Duke of Marlborough, would be greatly appreciated by a grateful Nation.


Anonymous said...

A nonsense to meaninglessly promote Olympic mesalists to honours. Their medal is their reward, and should be sufficient. Sportsmen and women, especially when they are professional athlestes merely feathering their own nest.